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      "... The duet with Daniela Bisenius leads to spotlighting the     violinist's agile fluidity that is part Paganini-inspired and part Tsigan-esque pyrotechnics."
All About Jazz magazine


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Aug. 11, 2018
Violinist Daniela Bisenius and Pianist Bobby Schiff in Concert
@ Humanist Society in Skokie.
Classical works as well as other much beloved styles. This duo is well received and loved by audiences everywhere!


June 15, 2018
Di Arte Duo performs for the INVESTITURE of Scott Neville Jr.
A historical moment!


Daniela Bisenius and Don Stille, Gypsy Jazz, tangos and more...

April 15, 2018
Church of Beethoven
Oak Park, IL
at Open Door Theater 902 S. RIDGELAND, Oak Park 

Grammy-nominated musician Don Stille, born in St. Louis, Missouri, and acclaimed violinist Daniela Bisenius, born in Bucharest, Romania, both got an early start at music, each beginning their formal training at age five. Each has independently gone on to acclaimed careers alongside national and internationally renowned musicians of all types and genres. Their combined credits include countless performances and festivals, several cinematic scores, and numerous awards and commendations. Together, on violin and accordion, they bring their classical training, virtuoso skills, and unique artistic perspective to a fun and energetic gypsy-jazz performance that is not to be missed.

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Daniela Bisenius and Don Stille - "La Fiesta"
The Church of Beethoven, Oak Park proudly presented Violinist Daniela Bisenius and Accordionist Don Stille. Sunday, April 15th Open Door Repertoire Theater Oak Park, IL Grammy-nominated musician...

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