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Lessons with Daniela!
Private Violin Lessons! Honest,productive and fun!
These are some of my students. I think of them as my children. I love them and we have an open relationship. I have helped many of them go on to Music Conservatories and some of them are now playing with professional orchestras all over the world. This is the greatest achievement of my career. To be able to inspire and guide children on to the road to success, gives me the greatest satisfaction.

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Congratulations to Corey Chung, violin student, who also plays piano and won the 2013 De Paul Competition!!

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Mozart Piano Concerto A Major K414 by Corey Chung
Performed by Corey Chung at 10th Annual DePaul Concerto Festival


"Hello Daniela,
I'm not sure if you would remember me- but I used to be one of your violin students. My family and I thought it would be fun to locate the woman who started my violin career, so we did a little google-search and found you! We now live in Minnesota, and after all this time, I'm still playing the violin and LOVING it! I go to a performing arts school called Mainstreet School of Performing Arts, and i'm majoring in instrumental study for the violin. I wanted to contact you to thank you so much for getting me started! I had the privelage of playing in a selective string players workshop today, and met Mark Wood (electric violinist extrodinare), and couldn't believe it's been almost ten years since my first lesson. I plan on becoming an arts teacher once through highschool. So anyway, just wanted to thank you so much for getting me started and giving me that little push I needed.
Lots of gratitude," 
Lindsay Bankeroff (9/24/2010)





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