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      "... The duet with Daniela Bisenius leads to spotlighting the     violinist's agile fluidity that is part Paganini-inspired and part Tsigan-esque pyrotechnics."
All About Jazz magazine

April 8, 2017
Ethical Humanist Society Concert
Skokie, IL    8pm

Daniela Bisenius, violin
Oltea Gurgui- piano

March 12, 2017
Skokie Library,
Skokie, IL

Jazz, gyspy jazz, Piazzolla and more...!

A MUST SEE Performance!!!

February 16, 2016
Concert at

Park PLaza, IL

Daniela Bisenius, violin
Bobby Schiff, piano

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Dark eyes (Oci Ciornie)- Church of Beethoven Concert 2016
Daniela Bisenius, violinDon Stille, accordionDark Eyes (gypsy song)Excerpt from the live concert at Church of Beethoven 2016

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