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      "... The duet with Daniela Bisenius leads to spotlighting the     violinist's agile fluidity that is part Paganini-inspired and part Tsigan-esque pyrotechnics."
All About Jazz magazine

March 12, 2017
Skokie Library,
Skokie, IL

Jazz, gyspy jazz, Piazzolla and more...!

A MUST SEE Performance!!!

April 8, 2017
Ethical Humanist Society Concert
Skokie, IL    8pm

Daniela Bisenius, violin
Bobby Schiff, piano

February 16, 2016
Concert at

Park PLaza, IL

Daniela Bisenius, violin
Bobby Schiff, piano

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Dark eyes (Oci Ciornie)- Church of Beethoven Concert 2016
Daniela Bisenius, violinDon Stille, accordionDark Eyes (gypsy song)Excerpt from the live concert at Church of Beethoven 2016

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